Our Product

Sterilized Face Masks

Quality, Compliance, and Safety Guaranteed!

Our masks are tested according to the critical testing criteria defined by the South African National Standards (SANS) and comply with the SURGICAL FACE MASK specifications described in SANS 1866: 2008 and SANS 1866 – 1: 2018

  • Breathable and lightweight for improved comfort
  • Fluid resistant
  • Adjustable nose bar for optimal fit
  • Latex free ear band loop eliminates pressure and prevents irritation of the ear
  • Protects against air pollutants, dust and other harmful particles to reduce exposure to contamination
  • 25gsm Melt Blown fabric used for the inner protective layer of the Face Mask
SANS Test Result Specification Test Result Laboratory Remarks
Absorption rate > 60 sec > 60 sec Pass
Sodium Chloride Penetration (%) 26% 3% Pass
Differential pressure, mm H2O/cm² < 4mm H2O/cm² < 4mm H2O/cm² Pass
Flammability Self-extinguish in < 5s Self-extinguish in < 5s Pass

As a specialist supplier of 3-ply non-woven face masks, we only sell high quality, disposable face masks that are designed for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, other Viruses, and Bacteria.

The main benefits of using VirusiSAFE disposable face masks to protect yourself against infection are:

  • Masks are fully disposable
  • Effective form of protecting others
  • Effective way of preventing the spread of airborne infection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to don and doff (put in and take off)
  • Cost effective

1 to 500                                                           = R 6.99 each

501 to 1,000                                                    = R 6.50 each

1,001 to 10,000                                               = R 5.99 each

10,001 to 25,000                                             = R 5.50 each

25,001 to 50,000                                             = R 5.00 each

50,001 to 100,000                                           = R 4.75 each

100,001 and up                                               = R 4.50 each

The Masks are packaged in designer boxes of 50 OR in clear packets of 5 or 10 each per packet.
The clear packets are packaged in boxes of either 150 or 600 masks per box.