Proudly SA

Our Customers choose VirusiSAFE because we eliminate the hassles of dealing with overseas factories and importing of masks. As a South African owned and operated company, you deal directly with us – no need to go through “middlemen” or “brokers” in the supply chain.

Additionally, selling direct means that we can provide you with a quality and compliance guarantee. With a robust and modern manufacturing facility located in Pretoria, South Africa supported by a stable, long-term workforce, we have the unique ability to manage our customers’ entire supply process – ensuring high quality control standards as well as essential time and cost efficiencies.

Our masks are manufactured according to all required industry guidelines. Features of our masks include:

  • Medical-grade 3-layer high efficiency filter
  • Over 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Use of polypropylene synthetic material to prevent allergies
  • Glass fibre free
  • Automatic ultrasonic bonding enhances cleanliness of mask
  • 25gsm inner Melt Blown fabric layer